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Young Living Essential Oils and Aromatherapy

Raindrop Technique Therapy

Have you ever wanted to feel the benefits of a great massage, but without the massage? Raindrop Therapy uses a sequence of antimicrobial essential oils to reduce inflammation, reduce pain, kill viruses and bacteria, structurally realign the spine, and also electrically charge the chakras. It is not a massage. It is a balancing therapy that uses a carrier oil applied to the bare skin of the back, feet, and hands.


This therapy is conducted in a safe and supportive space on a draped massage table with modest sheets for privacy. Client can be fully clothed. Only the feet, hands, and back area are exposed. Many clients claim to feel relief immediately. 

(Location of In-Person services are provided when appointment is accepted by provider)


Get Lifted! Our aromatherapy sessions uses top food grade, therapeutic essential oils to elevate the mind, body and spirit. These oils can be ingested in foods, gel capsules, in a diffuser, with carrier oils to apply on the skin and hair, can be made into soaps, sprays, and even cleaning supplies. They are even safe enough for children, babies and pets. The uses are endless.

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Oils for the Heart & Mind

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