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Trust your own Inner Wisdom-Your Personal Shero/Hero!

Your intuition is your built-in GPS! Whenever you feel strongly about doing or saying something that is out of your personal character, or you're in a place you've never been before, but you know what to do, or say, then trust that! Inner wisdom is a gift that we were ALL innately given. Now you will come upon a lot of naysayers during this internal shift, and you will be challenged to go back to your traditional way of being, acting and functioning. However, it is okay to believe in your SELF, even when others don't. Everyone has a HERO or SHERO living inside them. Some call it inner wisdom. The more situations that arise where it doesn't get the chance to "rise" from within you, it goes dormant. Fear wins again. Fear. Fear wrestles. It makes you question your worth and value. Fear. Fear robs us of the "She/Hero" that is within us. 😨 Fear stalls your life, and your growth. Fear cripples you. It stunts. It is like an invisible slave master. But our inner wisdom; our internal She/Hero makes us have to grow up, and STAND up for ourselves... and others. It wants to come to the forefront of our lives and take over to "free us...where "we" (our conditioned person) are weak and afraid... to trust. We must trust it once, if only to see how much better life would be when we trust in ourselves, and our own god-given gifts, talents, and abilities!

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