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Thank you so much for joining my app site! This is such a cool and easy way for me to connect with you; my clients, and friends!


Alchemic Aura is the company I formed in 2020. We offer virtual and real time wellness support for the Mind, Body and Spirit!


I am a certified Life Coach, Personal Fitness Trainer, Aromatherapist, Herbalist, Ordained Minister, Notary Public, and Reflexology practitioner! (Whew!) I won't even mention my DAY JOB!!

I learned all of that, in order to get qualified to help YOU!

You may need one, a few, or all of those services. So we have many trained, licensed, certified professionals here to help you. The end result is YOU feeling and looking BETTER than you ever have!


Let Alchemic Aura get YOU back to wellness!
Hi! It's Roslyn, Your Life Coach

My joy is helping people drop their dead weight, seeing them set themselves free, and fly high!

We have had phenomenal successes since we started!

It is an absolute honor to be in this position to serve and help in these capacities that come naturally to me!

So let us know what you need. We are committed to help bring you to a place of peace, total wellness, fitness, and overall good health; inside and out!

Feel free to shop for our products and services, join with a subscription, book an appointment, and let us get to work!..... to get YOU back!

Roslyn, Life Coach

Alchemic Aura, CEO/Owner