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Meet Roslyn; Your Life Coach

ROSLYN COLLINS, CEO & Owner of Alchemic Aura

​Hi, I'm Roslyn, your Life Coach!

Life coaching has been my LIFE! I was a Life Coach long before the term became a household word! Helping people traverse across painful, emotional and mental traumas, relationship root causes, and wellness accountability has been as natural for me as breathing.

My main focus is to get my clients to see the obvious link between the mind-body-and spirit.

In a professional, peaceful, fun, non-judgmental, and solutions driven atmosphere my clients are incredibly relieved, and eager to unpack and rid themselves of their painful traumas, blockages and fears. They know that they will soon be free of those burdens once and for all, and they can get back to the business of LIVING!

Book now and let us identify, and remove the obstructions that are holding you back!


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