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What is Alchemic Aura?

 In person and virtual wellness plans to enhance the vibration of your mind, body, and spirit!

​Alchemic Aura was created to teach us how to use natural remedies, simple exercises, and powerful thoughts (motivational thinking) to change the vibration of the body for total healing. Have you ever witnessed people who have a high vibration? They exude charisma and confidence, people love being around them, they look healthy and seem happy...even their affairs appear in order and they want for nothing. What if you could have that same high vibration/energy, "good luck", prosperity, and aura? Alchemic Aura is an In-Person and Virtual wellness platform that offers methods and techniques to create wellness in all aspects of your life-from the Mind, to the Body, and to the Spirit.  Change your Aura. Change your LIFE!


It's all in the Alchemy!

How can  Alchemic Aura help YOU?

Women Practicing Yoga Outdoor

Alchemic Aura is an all-things wellness- virtual LIFE COACHING & NATURAL WELLNESS healing company founded in 2021. In order to provide comprehensive services that support and foster the  overall health, including emotional and mental well being of our clients, we have collaborated with some of the best of these:

Life Coaches

Health & Wellness coaches

Personal Fitness Trainers


Licensed Clinical Professional Counselors

Meditation guides

Mindset Mentors



Physical Therapists

Reiki Healers

Chakra Healers

Crystal Healing Therapists

Sound Healers


Breathwork guides

Yoga Teachers and more...

are here to help coach you through challenges and obstructions, that could be impeding your overall wellness, using your own body, natural remedies and techniques without the need or use of drugs and pharmaceuticals. We offer a variety of in-person and virtual services, products, and video classes to help improve and maintain your optimal whole healing, naturally. Whether you are experiencing disease, uneasiness, or simply want to improve your physical, emotional, and mental health, Alchemic Aura provides the talented resources to help you heal all of you. 

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