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Life Coaching Basics

Why on earth would I need a Life Coach? Well, fortunately, many people don’t need a Life Coach. However, if you find yourself working hard at some life endeavor and not seeing any substantial results, it may be time to get some help. A lot of people look at the thought of having a Coach for their lives as absurd. When you are watching your favorite athletes play football, basketball, soccer etc., you see amazing physical skill, confidence, and dominance in their sport. How did they become so great? What goes on in their minds that controls their bodies with such razor-sharp focus and skill that it makes them stand out from the rest in every performance? 9 times out of 10 there is an amazing team of coaches, doctors, therapists, and coordinators behind that athlete. Well, Life Coaches function very much like those team coaches. They want to see you WIN in the game of life! If you need razor sharp focus, but you're distracted by people or things that won't allow you to focus on the parts of your life that need change, then you may be in need of a Life Coach.

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